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Insured patients pre-authorize payments through SpendWell, which means you'll get paid in days, not weeks.

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Set your own fees and lower your overhead. No need to verify insurance eligibility, submit claims or chase down receivables.

Focus on patients, not paperwork.

Less time spent on administrative needs leaves more time for your patients and their needs. It's a better experience for everyone.

How it works

Provider sets up a practice profile, a unique HealthSKU™ is generated for each service offered.*

Patients conveniently shop, compare and purchase care with real prices.

Payment is securely held until patient and provider connect and care is delivered.

Provider confirms visit and receives prompt payment. Patient receives an eHealthReceipt™.**

* A HealthSKU™ is a unique stock keeping unit for a bundled health care service offered by a specific provider. For example, a HealthSKU™ would be generated for Dr. Jones' offering of the annual wellness exam bundle designed for females, ages 40-49, including a cervical cancer screening and a screening mammogram.

** An eHealthReceipt™ is an explanation of benefits, invoice, and receipt, all in one digital statement.

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