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    Concierge services are available to help with shopping, scheduling and account management. Please reach out if we can be of assistance.

    Available 7 a.m.-5 p.m. PT, Monday-Friday.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is SpendWell?

    SpendWell® is bringing e-commerce to health care. Our benefits-integrated marketplace delivers an intuitive, online retail experience—insured shoppers see buy-now prices for routine health services and pay for their share of care before they walk through the provider’s door. SpendWell’s automatic benefits coordination and upfront pricing means no more confusion or surprise bills for care seekers. Our solution also means no more eligibility verification, claims submissions or collections risks for providers. And it results in lower administrative and medical costs for payers.

    Is SpendWell an insurance company?

    No, SpendWell is not an insurance company. SpendWell is an e-commerce marketplace that’s owned by Cambia Health Solutions, Inc.innovators in the health care arena for nearly 100 years. Unlike traditional transparency tools, SpendWell goes further by allowing people to buy routine care directly from providers. Plus, SpendWell integrates with health plans, so purchased care applies toward insurance deductibles.

    How is SpendWell different from other health care marketplaces?

    SpendWell’s mission is to transform how people shop and pay for health care by being the easy-to-use, e-commerce marketplace where they can purchase routine services at buy-now prices. What makes us different?
    • We provide actual buy-now prices for routine care—not just cost estimates based on historical claims data. By knowing how much specific providers charge for services, people can make more informed decisions before they purchase and receive care. Plus, by securing prices upfront, shoppers have more peace of mind and less confusion about medical costs.
    • SpendWell is an open marketplace that helps drive down the costs of services by facilitating price competition among providers.
    • We integrate with health plans in real time. That means shoppers can see their out-of-pocket costs for services and how they affect their health plan deductibles.
    • We understand that navigating the health care system is confusing. That’s why we have Personal Health Assistants standing by to help shoppers find the right services from the right doctors at the best prices—and schedule appointments that fit their busy schedules.

    What services can I shop for on SpendWell?

    Our marketplace includes over 180 of the most commonly performed, routine health services in several categories, including primary care, dental, vision, imaging, therapy, and complementary and alternative medicine.

    Who uses SpendWell to shop for and buy routine health services?

    SpendWell’s consumers fall into two groups: employees of self-insured companies (who often are enrolled in a high-deductible health plan) and members of health plans that are integrated with SpendWell’s marketplace.

    How much does SpendWell cost?

    • Providers can join and promote their practices on SpendWell for free. For each transaction, a minimal merchant processing fee (2.9% plus 30 cents) is deducted from the patient’s purchase price.
    • Employers and health plans pay a membership fee, which gives their employees and members access to SpendWell’s e-commerce marketplace.
    • Employees and health plan members can use SpendWell for free.

    How does SpendWell make money?

    SpendWell is owned and financially backed by Cambia Health Solutions, Inc.innovators in the health care arena for nearly 100 years. SpendWell makes money by charging membership fees to employers and health plans.

    How do you certify the providers who are listed on the SpendWell marketplace?

    All providers who are listed on our website are carefully screened to ensure they are licensed and qualified to practice in their specialty, either by our network partners or by us. Soon, the SpendWell marketplace will display National Committee for Quality Assurance ratings and patient reviews.

    Can individuals join SpendWell?

    At this time, individuals cannot join SpendWell on their own. Our marketplace currently serves employees of self-insured companies as well as members of select health plans. We anticipate expanding the marketplace to serve individuals in the near future.

    Is my Personal Health Information (PHI) secure and does it comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?

    Yes. SpendWell encrypts both PHI and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data, and keeps it safe in a secure, HIPAA-compliant data center. Under HIPAA guidelines, SpendWell is considered a “business associate” for providers and therefore is required to comply with strict privacy and security standards. We use personal information to help patients receive and pay for services from providers; we will never sell or use it for marketing purposes.