Where companies and employees can maximize health care dollars.

At SpendWell, provider pricing, ratings and reviews are out in the open for side-by-side comparison. Personal Health Assistants are standing by to help too. With choice and control at their fingertips, most employees can meet all their health care needs before company cost-sharing kicks in.

How Spendwell works

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1. Providers list services and prices on SpendWell

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2. Open marketplace leads to competitive pricing

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3. Employees shop, compare and choose needed care

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4. Integrates with benefits showing deductible impact

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5. Employees lock in price with HRA, HSA, debit or credit card

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6. Payment is securely held until care is received

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7. Employee and provider connect and care is delivered

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8. eHealthReceipt™ sent to claims administrator and payment to provider

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